National Authority

In accordance with Art. 32(2) IPA Implementing Regulation, in each country the National IPA Co-ordinators has designated an IPA–Component II Co-ordinator:

In Republic of Macedonia, the Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs is designated as the National IPA Coordinator, who acts as the representative of Republic of Macedonia vis-à-vis the Commission. In line with article 32(2) of the IPA Implementing Regulation, the Ministry of Local Self Government is delegated as the IPA–Component II Coordinator.

In Albania the National IPA Coordinator is the Minister of European Integration (MEI). Within the MEI, the Directorate for Institutional Support and Integration process, Unit for Regional Cooperation, was designated as the IPA–Component II Coordinator.

The ÌPA–Component II Coordinator is the main contact point between each beneficiary country and the Commission for all issues related to participation of the respective country in programmes under the IPA CBC Component.

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