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1 Experience the Healthy Rural Life Federation of Farmers of the Republic of Macedonia, R.Macedonia
2 Sustaining rural development in the Deshati mountain range region: Deshati LAGs Albanian NationalTraining and Technical Assistance Resource Center, R.Albania
3 Toward an alternative tourism Macedonian Enterprise Development Foundation, R.Macedonia
4 Improvement of business cooperation in the cross-border area Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, R.Macedonia
5 Improvement of national and natural park management in the cross-border area Public Institution National Park “Mavrovo”, R.Macedonia
6 Youth without borders Coalition of youth organizations SEGA, R.Macedonia
7 Youth Empowerment and Employment Generation Project Sprint Foundation,R.Albania
8 Virtual Action – Real Result MDC-TI.Net, R.Macedonia
9 Increasing energy efficiency and utilization of renewable energy sources in the cross border region Macedonian Center for Energy Efficiency – MACEF, R.Macedonia
10 BLUE&GREEN versus BLACK&GRAY CSO “Local Development Agency” Struga , R.Macedonia
11 Green schools, Cleaner environment, Healthier life Biologist of Albania, R. Albania
12 Enhancing transboundary protection and development of the Jablanica-Shebenik mountain range by active local involvement Macedonian Ecological Society , R.Macedonia
13 From Trash to Cash: Sustainable Development and Economic Empowerment of Informal Waste Collectors through Waste Recycling in the Cross-Border Region of Albania and Macedonia MDC TI Net,R. Macedonia
14 Education, Employment and Equality for Young People, Vulnerable, Marginalised Groups and Minorities in Elbasan and Bogovinje Association for Local Rural Development, R.Macedonia
15 Preservation of the unique 16cultural heritage and cu17ltural exchange between Bilisht and Brvenica Bilisht Municipality, R.Albania
16 Days of Roma culture Association Initiative for social change INSOC, R.Macedonia
17 The use of art where is hard to talk –exchanges between artist working in social field Refraction Association,R.Albania
18 Alternative tourism in Dibra Municipality of Debar, R.Macedonia
19 Innovative Practices in Environmental Protection Comitato di Coordinamento delle Organizzazioni per il Servizio Volontario  (COSV) branch Prilep, R.Macedonia
20 Initiative to enhance public dialogue on sustainable use of energy Academy of Political Studies, R.Albania
21 World heritage in young hands – Together protecting our culture and nature CSO Une Gruaja, R.Albania
22 Promotion of eco-products in the cross-border area Municipality Mavrovo and Rostuse, R.Maceonia
23 Protect marks of CBC products Economic chamber of North West Macedonia, R.Macedonia
24 Development of integrated touristic product for sustainable economic growth of Gostivar and Korca regions Municipality of Gostivar, R.Macedonia
25 Watch-Women and theatre creation hub Municipality of Tetovo, R.Macedonia

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