Eligible Area

The territory of the eligible area for the cross-border program between the Republic of Macedonia and Albania covers 19 969 km2, with a total population of 1 524 674 inhabitants. The overall borderline length is 191 km (land 151 km, river 12 km and lake 28 km) with four frontier posts operating permanently and one frontier post operating occasionally.

Area (square km) % of the total country territory
Republic of Macedonia 25,713 100 %
Cross-border area Republic of Macedonia 10,473 40.7 %
Pelagonia 4,717 18.3 %
Southwest 3,340 13.0 %
Polog 2,416 9.4 %
Albania 28,748 100 %
Cross-border area Albania 9,496 33.0 %
Korce 3,711 12.9 %
Diber 2,586 9.0 %
Elbasan 3,199 11.1 %
Total cross-border area 19,969 The Republic of Macedonia’s territory is 52.5% and the Albanian territory is 47.5% of the cross-border area.

The eligible cross-border area is determined in accordance with article 88 of the IPA implementing regulations where it is stated that NUTS level 3 or equivalent areas along land borders between beneficiary countries are eligible for cross-border programmes.

On the side of the Republic of Macedonia, the eligible areas consist of three NUTS level 3 equivalent statistical regions. The country is divided into eight statistical regions, established in 2001 by a decision of the government (National Nomenclature of Statistical Territorial Units).

In Albania, the eligible area consists of three administrative regions (the country is divided into 12 regions) corresponding to NUTS level 3 equivalent.

The territory of the eligible areas in the two countries is almost equivalent.

The border area of the Republic of Macedonia includes the Pelagonia, Southwest and Polog NUTS level 3 equivalent statistical regions covering 10 473 sq. km, with a total population of 766 820 inhabitants. It consists of 31 municipalities including 813 settlements (12 towns and 801 villages).

  • Pelagonia region  includes  9  municipalities  –  Bitola,  Mogila,  Novaci,  Demir  Hisar, Krusevo, Prilep, Dolneni, Krivogastani and Resen;
  • Southwest region includes 13 municipalities – Debar, Centar Zupa, Kicevo, Vranestica, Drugovo,  Zajas,  Oslomej,  Makedonski  Brod,  Plasnica,  Ohrid,  Debarca,  Struga  and Vevcani;
  • Polog region includes 9 municipalities – Gostivar, Vrapciste, Mavrovo and Rostusa, Tetovo, Bogovinje, Brvenica, Zelino, Jegunovce and Tearce.

The three bordering regions in Albania cover 9 496 sq. km, with a total population of 757 854 inhabitants. They are divided into 12 districts and 122 smaller territorial units (17 municipalities and 105 communes, including 18 towns and 1 021 villages):

  • Dibra Region includes the districts of Diber, Burreli and Bulqiza;
  • Elbasan Region includes the districts of Elbasani, Librazhdi, Gramshi, Cerriku and Peqini,
  • Korca Region includes the districts of Korça, Pogradec, Devolli and Kolonja

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